Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Time to get ready to Think Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings on special meaning to many of us.  So many people have been Breast Cancer patients, or family members and friends of Cancer patients.  There is more hope each day as new progress is being made to fight this beast.  Research and cures for all types of Cancer will benefit other cancers in the long run.  This is a great time to reach out and help.  For me this is a bitter sweet event, my best friend did not have her cancer detected soon enough, she fought a brave battle for 5 years.  I learned so much as I spent quality time with her, daughter and family during her last six months, going to Chemotherapy treatments at Duke University and seeing people there with spirit and hope from teens to the elderly was a life changing experience. We went out to do her favorite activity; Bingo and spent lots of time just sitting on her couch together. God blessed me by letting me hold her hand as she took her last breath and her spirit left her broken vessel.  It has been fourteen years now and there is so many advanced treatments and medications.  We can't depend on the government to fund the research that is needed.  If we can all do a little, we can change the world.  If you are a Cancer Patient or a Friend or Family member has Cancer let me know and I will put you in my prayers.  I believe we can win this one.
Please let me know of any projects you are working on for Breast Cancer Awareness and send a picture if you can and I will be happy to post it, lets inspire others.  I will also post any special events you have going on in your communities.
With heartfelt thoughts,
Debby Gibson 


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