Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm still standing and Pink Hearts Inspire Necklace

Hi and I'm missed my blog. I have been on a some new meds for the last month as the doctors try and get me ready for a third sinus surgery. They have not agreed with me, one day left and I will be jumping up and down when the side affects leave my tired body.

On the Happy side I just complete a necklace for our local Womens Shelter. They have a wonderful, family friendly fundraiser each year. This will be my second year to have a piece of jewelry in their silent auction. I'm so excited to see what the other people create and donate.

The Craven County NC Women's Shelter is a special and caring center.

This time I had fun with pink rose quartz hearts, sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals. I created an a-symetrical necklace that can be taken apart and one strand is a dounble strand bracelet. (I want to make one like if for myself now, you know how it is when you get done a piece and its fun to wear) But that is the goal, create what you enjoy and someone out their will enjoy it too.

We are not a large city. Have you ever checked in with your local womens shelter to see what kinds of things they need help with? Ours enjoys "simple things to do" for the children that are there. Sample bath products are always a big hit, even fragrance and sample makeup products. When your dashing out of the house to get somewhere safe, there is a lot you don't have a chance to pick up and take with you. Some shelters have thrift stores.

I keep a small bag that I put extra sample products in and when it is full I drop it off.

I'd love to hear your ideas!
Have a blessed day, Debby

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  1. This is beautiful and generous! Thanks for sharing your blog, ideas, creativeness and generousity! Have a great week!