Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wear Your Pink Items You Make and Keep an extra to Give

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month I like to make some ribbons and other items. I wear mine and keep a couple extra in my purse. If someone coments on it, or starts up a conversation about breast cancer I always have one to pass on to that person.

I hope you never know the fear of Cancer, oh how I dislike that word.

I was holding my very good friend's hand when she took her last breath as
breast cancer, that led to other cancers, to her home to heaven.

That was about 10 years ago and their have been so many improvments to care and the
level of treatment. We need to stay vigalant and keep up the fight. Support in some small way any type of Cancer research, I truley believe a cure will come out of the research community that will open the door to helping to cure all Cancers. It just
is not happening fast enough.

My prayers are with you and your families that are having to go through Cancer treatment!
"Never give up, never give up"

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