Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February is Heart Month

I am working on a necklace for our local American Heart Association's yearly fundraiser. Have you noticed how hard it can be to match red to red. I am working with a lamp work glass focal bead donated by a glass artist. It is a beautiful red heart with two black stitches on it. She has a great collection in her Etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/LORiOLA I was lucky to have it with me at a bead show and spent most my time looking for reds to match. Happy to say there was some great crystals that matched and I also found some black roundels to work in with them. I wasn't able to find seed beads the right color so when I returned home and went through my stash I was astonished to find the exact red (a whole hank of them). I felt blessed. When I finish the necklace I will post a picture.

What other opportunities have you found to support Heart Health?

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  1. Be sure and visit americanheartassociation.org